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Kid Raffle

Raffle Results 

Loyal Heights students rocked the Kid Raffle!

Despite school closing, social distancing and these crazy times in which we find ourselves, LHE students sold over 4,300 tickets and raised $8,689! A big thanks to Andrea Kearns and Emily Sipos for coordinating this year's Kid Raffle.

Watch our video to see the winning ticket drawn for the $1,000 prize. And we reveal all the student winners.



Winner of $1,000 Prize: Diana Gard

Week 4

Students brought in $3,081
Week 4 top seller: Eddy F. in Ms. Magnusson's 1st grade class with 367 tickets sold

Congratulations, Eddy! Your prize of the Majestic Bay tickets willl be delivered to you soon.

Overall student winners!

1. Eddy F. with 367 tickets

2. Kyler K. 349 tickets

3. Owen A. with 275 tickets

Congratulations!!! We will be in touch with you soon for your kiddos to pick from our assortment of exciting prizes (and if we are able to still have the LHE sleepover, they will also get a coveted spot!)

Overall classroom winners!

1. Magnusson with 569 tickets--winner of the pizza party!

2. Hottovy 476 tickets

3. Fewel 454 tickets


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