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Online Auction 2020

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2020 Auction Raise the Paddle Video

Despite the limited filming time due to school closure, LHE dad Scott Levy produces a beautiful glimpse of the average day our children experience at their school. They are safe, loved, challenged and protected. During the upcoming weeks/months of homeschooling, we all can appreciate the privilege it is to go to school each
day and look forward to the day when they  get to return.

Note: We've revised our budget and with a minimum of $130,000 ($300 per child), we can provide for 2020-2021
our school counselor, partial office staff, tutoring and some of the most essential programs that make our school
the amazing place that it is. When we come out on the other side (and we will), we will need our school to be more supported than ever. We're so so close to our goal. You can still
 DONATE HERE). Thank you.

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