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When Will Our Schools Be Fully Funded?

What's Going On with Seattle Public School Funding? Join the Conversation.

Despite efforts by our representatives to end the McCleary standoff for Washington state public school funding, Seattle Public Schools (SPS) is stating they are again underfunded.  This year SPS is facing a potential $40 mil-$133 mil deficit. And even that range is dependent on levies passing and the levy lid being lifted.  Here are some quick facts you may not know:

*All property taxes for education go to Olympia and are distributed to WA districts based on a series of formulas. 

*Seattle Schools educates 53,000 children in 102 schools , yet the state funds only 9 nurses for the entire district. SPS employs, unfunded by state allocation, an additional 63 nurses.  As a result of this, LHE has a nurse only one day a week.

*SPS educates 7,000 special education students. The state funds $68mil for special education; but the minimum required to meet the needs of these children is $140mil, which the district must cover without state funds.   

*SPS has 3,200 classrooms.  The state funds 226 custodians.  In order for every classroom to be cleaned once every 3 days, SPS employs, unfunded by state allocation, 312 additional custodians.

We have heard a lot from Seattle Public Schools about potential cuts, lack of funding, and the need for more funding from the state.  Let’s get the other side of the story.  Please join us for a Q&A with Representative Gael Tarleton.

WHEN:  Saturday, February 16, 2019 at 10am

WHERE:  LHE Cafeteria

 Can’t make it? Please email our Legislators to ask questions and let them know your concerns.

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