Posted 10-21-19

This is the "behavior matrix" that Principal GG referenced in the Wednesday "Coffee Chat" on 10-16​. This is an outline; however, the school is in the process of creating a breakdown/matrix to be used as a Behavorial Plan.

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This is the updated digital handout from Principal GG (PowerPoint presentation from 10-16 meeting​ where there was technical trouble)

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Posted 10-18-19

Meeting announcement for Listening & Learning Coffee Chat #2 and  PTA Information Session on Monday evening, October 21.

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Posted 10-14-19

Below is some useful information to help prepare for the "Listening & Learning Coffee Chat with Principal GG" meeting on Wednesday, October 16. The intent of this information is to shed some light on recent climate discussion to better prepare for upcoming Listening/Learning Sessions (previously referred to as coffee chat). A revised list of session dates will be published soon. If you are able to attend a session, please be respectful of the format and of each other. The most important thing to remember is to stay focus on the kids. Be specific on the problems you wish to see fixed and issues you wish to learn more about. The PTA is committed to a positive and productive approach to solving problems. 

Principal Association of Seattle Schools Contract:

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  • Question of staff vote

At the recommendation of their union (SEA), LHE staff did NOT take the route of a “vote of no confidence.”  Instead (as stated in PTA Weekly email newsletter) 100% of the staff present at their last SEA meeting voted: "We feel the relationship with our principal is severed beyond repair." 38 of 44 were present.  


  • Staff/PTA/parent support/involvement

The staff feel 100% backed by the LH community and very much appreciate us. However, they have asked respectfully to keep their case separate from ours and not undermine or impede their efforts.  Their union has advised them not to meet with parents to discuss these issues at this time so there will not be an opportunity for a parent—staff meeting. 


  • Documentation

We have been told that the district does not have documentation in their archives of LH parents not being responded to by our administration. Therefore the PTA is compiling our own documentation of these happenings. We appreciate all the submittals and emails thus far.  Because of the large response, please understand that we cannot respond to each email individually at this time. But we are compiling these and together they will hold value. Instead of emailing us as previously instructed, please use the google form to document so all data is in one place and easier to organize.  If you have multiple incidences or concerns, please submit them separately. Please provide as much detail as possible and redact where necessary.  Documentation form


  • Has the district been notified?

Yes, SPS has heard from us — from the PTA, the LH Staff and SEA, concerned parents and angry parents. We consulted with an attorney who reiterated that we must be data-based to be taken seriously by the district. If you wish to present facts and incidences of unsatisfactory action from our school administration, please feel free to do so (please also upload these incidences, as stated above). However, there is an expected hierarchical process of communication so please be sure you have attempted to communicate this concern with our administration first. 

  • Who will attend the Wednesday, Oct 16th meeting? 

The LH staff members who do not have students at that hour will try to attend. Their union rep may not be able to be present, and they may not be able to answer questions.  A third-party mediator will not be present, however, Rainey Swan of the Principals Association of Seattle Schools (PASS) will accompany Ms GG. Some PTA Board Members will be present. All families are welcome. For those of you who cannot attend, a summary will be posted.  

Effective ways to communicate during an open forum:

7 Elements of Positive Communication